Advantages of Having a Nest Thermostat

Nest thermostat uses a smart technology. It makes this unit think and operate in a smart way resulting in a significant amount of savings. Some people never thought that their thermostats don’t matter at all but according to research, they can control half of a home’s energy. Programming it can help you save 20% on your heating and cooling bill.

Other thermostats

Nest ThermostataThe problem with most thermostats is that they can make you waste hundreds of dollars each year. Although most thermostats these days are programmable, users aren’t too fond of that trick or their units are just too complicated to use.

With Nest thermostat, programming it is easier. This brand requires you to change the temperature of your house for the first week. At this time, you’re teaching and making it adapt to the kind of temperature you want for a particular day. After that, it will learn about your house’s required temperature and then it automatically activates some of its features that can help you save money on energy.

Its auto-schedule option will cause the unit to schedule itself based on the preferences you have provided. As said, by auto-scheduling this unit, you could slash at least 20% from your heating and cooling bill.

Setting the temperature right

Through Nest thermostat’s true radiant system, you don’t have to guess the right temperature that you must set for a particular time of the time, but you can only take advantage of this feature if you have a radiant heat system at home. With this feature, you don’t have to guess anymore. This means that you don’t have to turn on the heat at a particular time, you just let the system work for you.

Then, there’s the auto-away feature of Nest thermostat that will automatically turn on when everyone in your house is gone.