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5 Foolproof and Easy to Follow Ways to Maximize the Longevity of Your Kitchen Knives

When you invest in high-end chef knives, you definitely want your investment to last. Individuals that use knives regularly have learned to appreciate the versatility and convenience of the knife, but even the best knife is rendered useless if it loses its effectiveness. Even though not all knives have the same quality standards, the majority of knives are designed for long term use but how we care for them affects their longevity.

By following simple practices and tips, it is entirely possible to keep your knives in working order for years – or maybe even a lifetime, provided you take utmost care and precaution in handling them.

How does one do that, you ask? Well, we’ve just got the right stuff for you – here are 5 ways to do just that.

1. Purchase the Right Sharpening Tools

Investing in high-quality chef knives, is only half of the equation. The other half constitutes knife care and maintenance. You should invest in sharpening instruments such as honing rods and whetstones to keep your blades sharp, aligned and always ready for use. There are plenty of shopping guides online to help you find the right equipement.

2. Sharpen Your Knives Properly

Kitchen KnivesOnce you purchase the right sharpening equipment, you should learn how to sharpen your knives using the right techniques. A 20-degree angle should be perfect for sharpening each side of the knife’s edge. If your knife has a misaligned edge owing to its dullness, you can reposition the blade using sharpening steel; just make sure to use the right amount of pressure and effort to avoid damaging the knife’s edge.

3. Work on the Right Surfaces

Finding the right surface on which you can use your knife is an equally important venture. Cutting aids such as wooden or plastic cutting boards and surfaces allow knives to last long. These surfaces are not only created for the sole purpose of cutting items on, but they also protect the blades from damage. Using your knife on hard or metal surfaces such as marble or glass can affect your knives adversely, so it is best to stick to cutting boards as they are more forgiving to chef knives.

4. Avoid Misusing and Abusing Your Knives

Like any other tool, a knife was created to serve the specific purpose of cutting. People often ruin knives by substituting them for screwdrivers, can openers and in some cases, the handles are used to hammer down small nails. Although a quality knife will not wear and tear immediately, using it for other purposes automatically reduces its longevity. Wear and tear is one thing, and misuse and abuse is another.

5. Store Them Away Safely

Knife blocks are the most ideal way to store knives but storing them in a designated drawer can also work. You can also store your knives on magnetic boards such as the ones found in commercial kitchens as they make it easy to grab the knife and use it at your convenience.

Keeping your knives in tip top shape requires no rocket science – all the science has already gone into the design and the formulation of the blades as well as the handles that they use. You can read more on this at Cut it Fine, or directly at their homepage on cutitfine.com. Do yourself a favor and guarantee the longevity of your knives in this very moment – you’ll thank yourself later when they repay your care with their reliability.

Advantages of Having a Nest Thermostat

Nest thermostat uses a smart technology. It makes this unit think and operate in a smart way resulting in a significant amount of savings. Some people never thought that their thermostats don’t matter at all but according to research, they can control half of a home’s energy. Programming it can help you save 20% on your heating and cooling bill.

Other thermostats

Nest ThermostataThe problem with most thermostats is that they can make you waste hundreds of dollars each year. Although most thermostats these days are programmable, users aren’t too fond of that trick or their units are just too complicated to use.

With Nest thermostat, programming it is easier. This brand requires you to change the temperature of your house for the first week. At this time, you’re teaching and making it adapt to the kind of temperature you want for a particular day. After that, it will learn about your house’s required temperature and then it automatically activates some of its features that can help you save money on energy.

Its auto-schedule option will cause the unit to schedule itself based on the preferences you have provided. As said, by auto-scheduling this unit, you could slash at least 20% from your heating and cooling bill.

Setting the temperature right

Through Nest thermostat’s true radiant system, you don’t have to guess the right temperature that you must set for a particular time of the time, but you can only take advantage of this feature if you have a radiant heat system at home. With this feature, you don’t have to guess anymore. This means that you don’t have to turn on the heat at a particular time, you just let the system work for you.

Then, there’s the auto-away feature of Nest thermostat that will automatically turn on when everyone in your house is gone.

If you are installing a new faucet or replacing an old one, you need to be very careful and specific while choosing them. It is always advised that you consider a few parameters before selecting the proper faucet that will not only suit your kitchen and home décor but will operate as required. The options you will face can be overwhelming and confusing, so after consulting with Faucet Assistant we will discuss a few important features that should be taken into consideration while buying the correct faucet for your kitchen.

Installation Method:

The most important consideration you have to make is the installation required for the faucet. The installation of the faucet depends on few different things, but the number of holes required to install the model is the most important. Sometimes the kitchen sink comes with a specified number of holes so you have to buy a supporting model of faucet. If the number of holes needed to install the faucet is less than the holes present in your sink, then you should not have any problem, but it might cause issues when it is the other way round. If the architecture of your sink permits drilling of more holes than already present, then it should not be an issue any more. Manufacturers always let you know beforehand about the number of holes required, but it will always be a responsible step from your side to check the number of holes in your sink rather than getting carried away with the looks or texture of the faucet.

The Sink:
Different sinks cover different amount of area. There are certain sinks in the as deep as 20 inches. So it is always wise to check out the depth level of the sink before choosing your faucet. The deeper the sink the taller the spout just to avoid splash backs. Pull down models are perfect for these sinks. Pull out models go best with shallower sinks. The spout should be placed higher or else you might not get enough space for placing your dishes and pots for washing.

Look and Feel:

Although most of the purchases are driven by these two parameters, they can be safely considered the least important. The looks, however, can affect your home décor so once you have decided the holes and the depth just spend some time over the looks and textures as well.

Now you have got a brief idea about how to approach the market for buying the perfect faucet for your kitchen. Get a sleek and effective one that will stun your guests.

Water Filters

Water FiltersWater filters are for people who want their water to be completely clean and healthy. No matter which area of the world you stay in and how you get your water, there are always invisible organisms, bacteria and other contaminants present in the water not to mention all the pesticides, chemicals and industrial wastes that go into the soil and natural water sources daily.

According to Soft Water Filtration, water filters come with a variety of filtration mechanisms such as Reverse Osmosis, CTO or Chlorine, Taste, Odor filter, activated Carbon filter and so on. Each type of filtration has its own purpose. The best water filters use more than one level of filtration to ensure that the water is completely pure and drinkable. Most of the better water filter models in the market can get rid of pollutants up to 0.3 Micron in size. These water filters usually come costlier than other variants but you will not have to bother about the quality of water at your home again.

Traditional Mopping Vs Steam Cleaning

Traditional mopping has been serving the people of this world well when it comes to keeping the household clean. With the Hoover TwinTank Steam Mopadvances in technology, however, steam cleaners are slowly replacing traditional mops in many households.

Steam Insider did some research and compared the old fashioned way of cleaning to modern carpet and hard floor cleaners.

Following are the pros and cons of traditional mopping and steam cleaning.

Traditional Mopping:


  • It is inexpensive.
  • It provides good workout for the body.
  • Better for taking care of stubborn dirt or stain.


  • Requires extra detergent.
  • Makes the floor soppy with water.
  • Requires extra equipment such as scrubs.

Steam Cleaning:


  • The extremely hot steam takes care of most of the germs without the need for detergents.
  • Does not leave the floor soppy. Floor dries up soon after cleaning.
  • Does not require additional equipment.
  • Steam helps loosen up dirt and grime making it easy to clean.
  • Perfect if the floors are cleaned frequently.
  • Completely eco-friendly.
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces such as mosaic and hard wood.


  • These are expensive.
  • You might need to use scrub in case of stubborn dirt and stain.

These are the pros and cons of traditional mopping and steam cleaning. If you need quality cleaning at a fast pace, steam cleaning is definitely the way to go.